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PPL - People's Antenna

Waterproof Mastic Connection Tape

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This includes sufficient weatherproof mastic butyl tape for wrapping at least one antenna connection. It is recommended that an additional layer of electrical tape be applied outside this waterproofing layer for outdoor installations in areas of extreme weather.

Only available if ordered with one of the PPL antenna or cable products.

This is a shapeable, adhesive, and waterproof tape designed for communication connectors and made from EPR and butyl rubber. It has no corrosion to copper or other cable cover materials and can be applied in a wide temperature range. The rated operating temperature is 90 ℃ and the emergency overload is 130 ℃. It has the best performance in waterproofing and sealing, which is suitable for all sorts of communication equipment connectors and cable connectors.


  • Self-sealing waterproof antenna connector tape
  • Ensures low SNR over a long period of time by avoiding moisture intrusion
  • Butyl material stays flexible at any temperature
  • Adheres to polyvinyl/vinyl coax cable jackets and metal parts


Customer Reviews

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Fernando A.
Best price I could find!

I live in Tijuana Mexico and those tapes are really expensive, I am glad to have found it at this price.