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Low-Loss PPL-400 FLEX Antenna Cable

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The PPL-400 high-performance, low-loss CFD (Celled Foam Dialectic) coax antenna cables ensure the connection between your Helium hotspot (or GEODNET HYFIX MobileCM) and antenna has the least signal loss possible (less reduction in dB by the time the signal reaches the antenna). These cables are terminated with RP-SMA Male on the hotspot side and N-Type Female on the antenna side (for PPL, RAK, and other antennas with N-Type Male connectors). 


Q. What is different between 240 and 400 grade cables?

These indicate different grades of cable and the signal loss of the cable over longer runs. The 200 grade cable is .200" thick (2/10ths of an inch) and thus has higher dB loss as compared to 400 grade cable which is almost double the thickness at 0.400" thick (4/10ths). Signal loss becomes significantly more noticeable over long-distance cable runs. The thicker cable can also become much more unwieldy and may require a flexible adapter/short cable to the RP-SMA antenna hookup to prevent too much pressure being physically exerted onto the hotspot's RP-SMA connector.

Q. What is the difference between PPL, LMR, RFC, CFD, etc cables?

Often you see 240 and 400-grade cables with different letter prefixes. These typically indicate the manufacturer or cable construction. For example, LMR is trademarked by Times Microwave, while RFC is trademarked by Shireen, PPL is by PPL/People's Antenna. Functionally, these three cables are all low-loss cables. Compared to RG-58 shield cables of the same length, the reduction in losses are considerable: -0.32 dB @ 915 MHz for the PPL cable is excellent compared to a huge -0.9 dB loss for an RG-58 shield cable @ 915 MHz. There is no comparison!


PPL-240 PPL-400
Functionally Equivalent Cables LMR-240
RG58/U *
RG8/U JIS 8D *
Impedance 50 Ω 50 Ω
Velocity Factor 83% 85%
Capacitance 80 pF/m 78 pF/m
DC Resistance inner 0.0196 Ω/m 0.00456 Ω/m
0.016 Ω/m 0.00541 Ω/m

Attenuation @ 915 MHz

0.32 dB/m 0.12 dB/m
Outer Diamater 4.95 mm 10.3 mm
Operating Temp -40 °C to +80 °C



Construction Specification


Material Diameter (mm)
1. Inner Conductor Stranded BC 2.74
2. Dielectric Physical Foam Polyethylene 7.24
3. Outer Conductor Bonded Aluminum Foil 7.39
4. Overall Braid

Tinned Copper Braid

5. Jacket

Black Thermoplastic Elastomer

Electrical Characteristics
Capacitance (Pf/M)   78.40
Impedance (Ohm)   50
Velocity(%)   85
Shielding Effectiveness (>dB)   90
Inner Conductor DC Resistance (Ω/km)   3.51
Outer Conductor DC Resistance (Ω/km)   5.4
Voltage Withstand (Volts DC)   2500
Dielectric Constant   1.38
Time Delay (nS/m)   3.92
VSWR≤(Return Loss ≥dB) 800-1000MHz 1.10  (26)
Bend Radius: installation (mm)   25.4
Bend Radius: repeated (mm)   101.6
Operating Temp. (℃)   -40 to 80
Attenuation (Typical)
Frequency (MHz) Attenuation (≯dB/100m) Avg. Power (KW)
450 10.70 0.69
900 15.40 0.48
1500 20.20 0.36

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