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Helium Amplifier

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Developed by wireless communications experts at GPIO Labs, this amplifier designed specifically for Helium has a gain of 13 dB with noise less than 0.8 dB. Internally the amplifier provides filtering at either 915 MHz or 868 MHz. On average this amplifier will increase both Received Signal Strength (RSSI) and SNR (Signal-to-Noise), thereby increasing the probability of witnessing other miners which a hotspot is currently not witnessing due to marginal SNR and RSSI. 

NOTE: This amplifier module requires two antennas instead of a single one typically used for a Helium Miner. One antenna is for transmissions and the other is for reception and you can vary the type of antenna used for each. Additionally, this amplifier requires +5V supply provided with a micro USB cable and power supply. 

Please refer to product photos for ways this can be used in Helium setups.


All RF Connectors in this amplifier module are RP-SMA-F

What's included?

- one GPIO Labs Helium Amplifier module (either 915 or 868 MHz)
- module has RP-SMA-F connectors

GPIO Lab Test Results

GPIO Labs tested this amplifier, looking at the RSSI vs SNR values for a test Helium unit and its beacons over time:

Helium Amplifier Results RSSI SNR

        • The measured gain of the amplifier (in the lab) is about 13 dB
        • The average improvement in RSSI with the amplifier is about 8 dB
        • The average improvement in SNR with the amplifier is about 4.2 dB.

        What amplifiers do not solve:

        • As of April 2022, there is currently a limit of 14 hotspots that can witness a beacon. For example, if a hotspot is surrounded by 20 hotpots, an amplifier will not increase the probability that the hotspot participates in the group of 14 awarded HNT.
        • An amplifier cannot create a signal where there is none. If the signal of a beacon is near zero there is nothing to amplify, and the hotspot will still not be able to receive the beacon. 
        • The amplifier is not waterproof. If installed outdoors, make sure it is in a weatherproof enclosure like the PPL Enclosure or similar.
        • The amplifier does not amplify the transmit signal. However, there is an insertion loss of around 3.5 dB, so hotspots that are barely receiving beacons from the hotspot may witness the hotspot less.

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