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Helium Antenna Ground Plane Upgrade Kit

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Increase HNT witnesses by upgrading typical N-type Helium 1/4-wave antennas with a ground plane that lowers VSWR and increases reception by reflecting radio waves toward the antenna. Adding a ground plane to your antenna will both increase Helium PoC witnessing and improve sensor traffic reception. This will not have any effect on sensor downlink transmissions or beacons.

Almost all Helium antennas on the market are quarter-wave style and built without a metallic ground plane below to reflect the signal, reducing the optimal reception. In our kit, the ground plane is formed by radials that extend from the bottom of the antenna. For Helium 915 MHz, the ideal radial length is around 3½".

The ground plane works with any 1/4-wave antenna with N-type base including the PPL Antenna, RAK, Nebra, Rokland, etc.

Helium ground plane kit includes:

  • antenna mounting kit
  • 3½" stainless steel radials (length optimized for Helium frequencies)
  • N-type Female top/bottom (optional N-Male adapters available)
  • aluminum angle mount with stainless steel studs/washers

Supported Quarter Wave Antennas:

Antenna Model Required N-Type Connector
PPL 5.0 Male
RAK 3.0/5.8/8.0 Male
Rokland 8.0 Female
McGill 3.0/6.0/8.0 Female


NOTE: this ground plane is not suitable for use with dipole (aka 1/2-wave) antennas or those with a built-in ground plane such as the HNTenna. If mounting an antenna on a metal roof, generally a ground plane is not necessary.

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