Redeem AUTH Tokens

The following are our current offers for redeeming AUTH on the PPL site. See other vendors and the official AUTH Token site for other ways to redeem and exchange AUTH tokens.  We will honor a floor price of $.0005 per AUTH.

 AUTH Tokens Redeem For
10,000 $5 store credit

$10 store credit

We do not have our automated redemption system setup yet (see our AUTH FAQ).

. To redeem your AUTH tokens, please send them to wallet in the below QR code.  Since this is a manual process, we will only be accepting AUTH in increments of 10,000.  Please send an email to with a screenshot of the completed transaction and you will receive your store credit within 24-48 hours.

PLEASE NOTE, you will need a nominal amount of SOL (less than 1 penny) in your wallet for the transaction to be sent.