Q. I see the PPL Antenna supports dual mining, what does this mean?

All purchases of the PPL Antenna directly from approved vendors also mine the AUTH token. Included with the antenna is setup instructions for how to add mining support for AUTH, in addition to the Helium HNT token.

PPL was fortuned to be selected as the first partner to join the AUTH token. For more details and discussion, join the AUTH Discord.

Q. What exactly is AUTH Token for?

AUTH Token encourages buyers to purchase products from authorized sellers by rewarding consumers of those projects over a fixed period of time rewards. Vendors who sell produces that mine AUTH also price redemption credits on future purchases or other benefits defined by each Vendor. An AUTH holder can use their AUTH rewards on any participating Vendor. It is expected AUTH will eventually be listed on a DEX, though no firm plans are available yet on this, though since it is a SPL on Solana blockchain, any community member is also free to implement an integration with a DEX.

Q. How long does AUTH mining occur for a product?

That is dependent on how long the Vendor each individual AUTH Reward Code when they purchase them from a few schedule. Typically AUTH Tokens mine for 12 months from time of receipt of a purchased product, though vendors can extend or shrink this. Currently, PPL has funded the AUTH Reward Codes for the PPL antennas to mine the maximum AUTH reward duration of 5 years.

Q. I see PPL Antennas mine 15 units, what does this mean?

When vendors mint new AUTH Reward Codes, they must burn a certain amount of crypto to fund the number of units and duration that each AUTH Reward Code mines. Vendors can choose longer or shorter durations, and more or less units, depending on the price of the product, since each additional unit and month of mining increases the burn to mint cost.


Q. Where can I redeem AUTH?

Per the AUTH Token rules, each vendor that sells products with AUTH reward codes is generally required to provide a way of redeeming AUTH into some value, such as a store credit. At People's Antenna, we currently support store credit for AUTH redemption.

Q. Where can I discuss and learn more about AUTH?

Join the AUTH Discord to discuss AUTH with other community users, vendors, and developers.