PPL Partners with Helium-based Trackpac for Package Tracking

HOUSTON, Texas — PPL has partnered with Helium-based Trackpac to provide wireless package tracking services for high-value shipments.

One of the challenges online commerce companies face is inexpensive shipping options often do not include package tracking, or certain services such as USPS often fail to properly scan the packages enroute to the customer.

PPL (People's Antenna) had this exact issue, with many customer emailing "where is my antenna", despite typically shipping the antennas out the same day as the order. To resolve this, PPL had to switch services and utilize higher-tier shipping plans, which effectively double their shipping costs.

To enable shipping again using USPS and less expensive carrier options, PPL has partnered with Trackpac to include one if the Trackpac wireless package tracking sensor along with each PPL antenna order shipped. PPL's customers will be able to keep the Helium sensor that comes in the package and use it with Trackpac's service to track whatever assets they would like: backpacks, strollers, vehicles, machinery, equipment, toolboxes, etc. 

Since PPL's roots were initially selling products to improve the Helium network, the company is excited to come full circle and playing a small part in driving additional data traffic to the Helium LoRaWAN network.

Trackpac sensors will begin to be shipped in packages from PPL starting in Summer 2022. Trackpac beta is currently available for Android and iOS.